Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Clarins Multi-Active Eye

When it comes to looking after your skin it’s important to know that the skin around your eyes requires special treatment.

The eye contour area is 3-5 times finer than the rest of the face, meaning that it is usually the first to
show visible signs of ageing.  This is certainly the case with me as I’ve had crows feet lines around my eyes since my mid twenties!

I’m forever keeping my eyes out (‘scuse the pun) for the next great product to help my eye area look youthful and came across Clarins Multi-Active Eye.

Housed within this very pretty pink tube is a new eye care product inspired by the latest technological advances in plant power, that is meant to help counteract the effects of a stressful lifestyle.

This serum-esq product is designed to preserve radiant, youthful-looking eyes, smooth fine lines, minimise signs of fatigue and brighten the eye area.

It contains several key ingredients;

 Teasel extract helps to revitalise and protect tired, stressed skin by encouraging the production of the energising molecule Adenosine Tri-Phosphate (ATP) that helps fight free radicals. The fatigue fighting properties of Teasel extract also helps to fight dark circles and puffiness.

Myrothamnus extract (a South African plant capable of surviving hydric stress) reinforces the preventative anti-ageing effect of encapsulated teasel extract by helping to reduce the look of fine lines on the contour area.

Escin from horse chestnut helps to fight dark circles while caffeine helps to fight puffiness.

The product itself is light and very much like a gel/serum in texture. You might be able to notice from the photos that it is also slightly iridescent in colour which I rather like as it instantly helps to brighten tired eyes and lighten eye bags (of which I have plenty).

The applicator itself is fabulous with one side dispensing the product and the opposing side featuring a sleek, smooth and cryo-metallic (meaning ultra cold metal) smoothing tip.

I like to dab the product around my eye area before using the cool metal tip to massage it into the skin. The coolness of the tip instantly revives tired, sore eyes and helps to reduce the appearance of puffiness.

The gel-serum is absorbed really quickly and instantly my eyes feel revived and I look more awake.
I’ve been using it for several weeks now and I’m very impressed.

I’m a big fan of its lightweight texture as opposed to a thick, heavy cream and while it hasn’t got rid of my crows feet (but then what will other than cosmetic surgery) it has really helped to brighten my eye area, reduce the appearance of dark circles and really helps with puffiness after a bad nights sleep.

I would highly recommend giving this a try if like me you suffer with dark circles and puffiness of a morning!

Clarins Multi-Active Eye is available now and costs £35.

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