Thursday, 28 April 2016

Boost Your Locks with GHD

My hair is quite ‘glassy’ in texture, which means it is pretty silky, shiny and straight.

Sure this sounds great in theory, but when it comes to doing anything with it other than wearing it straight, it makes it nigh on impossible.

Because it is so ‘glassy’ it means it lacks any real texture, which in turn means that getting any kind of volume or style into it is really hard work, frustrating and usually ends in failure.

Lucky for me then that GHD have a brilliant range of products and styling tools available designed to help inject some va-va-voom and lushness into your hair!

This super-hero trio have really helped me to style my hair in a way I’ve been unable to since forever with very little effort and fuss, plus they are all really reasonably priced and easy to use too.

First up you’ve got their Root Lift spray (£12.95). One of the hardest things for me to achieve is voluminous roots which in turn help to create big, bouncy hair.

This spray helps to create a firm foundation for your style and can even be used to boost styles that have become flat throughout the day or slept on.

Its really easy to use and though it can be used on both dry and damp hair, I find I get best results when my hair is damp.

Section your hair off and apply 1-2 pumps to the underside of each section concentrating on the roots as closely as possible then simply blow dry as usual for hair that now has visibly more lift at the roots without feeling sticky or crispy.

Obviously, a decent product is only half the solution when it comes to creating the perfect style and a top notch brush is going to be needed too.

I’ve found GHD’s Ceramic vented radial brush in size 2 (£15) is brilliant at helping to produce a full bodied, smooth look when blow drying.

Because its ceramic it retains its heat to allow for a faster blow dry and its sleek handle and gentle bristles work their way effortlessly through your locks.

The best way to use this brush is to dry your hair until its 80% dry and then work on small to medium sections, place the brush into the root area and direct the head from the hairdryer at the barrel. Keep the tension as you move the brush through your hair and continue to direct the head at the barrel.

I’m pretty rubbish (and impatient) when it comes to styling my hair but with a bit of practice this brush really does make a big difference to the overall finish of my style and when used in conjunction with the root lift spray, I can really see a difference in the volume of my hair which is great!

So now I’ve managed to inject some volume and pizazz into my hair which is fabulous, I now also want to ensure that it stays looking smooth and silky.

Their Straight and Smooth Spray (£12.95) is a super lightweight spray that not only helps to create smoother, straighter hair but also protects against heat damage.

Again, this can be used on damp or dry hair but this time I prefer to use it on dry hair once its been blow dried and prior to styling with my straighteners.

I spray about 4-6 pumps evenly across my hair before using my styler and find that my hair feels  softer and stays straighter with less kinks, for longer.

So, if you too are after bouncier, more volumised hair that is also straight and smooth then you know where to go!

All three of the GHD products shown are available now from the GHD website.

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