Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Biotherm's Body Butter & Body Milk

My all time favourite body moisturisers come from a brand that in the UK is available exclusively  from World Duty Free.

Biotherm’s Body Butter and Body Milk are in my opinion, the crème de la crème of body creams and I get excited about using them every night.
While I have oily/combination skin on my face I have really dry skin on my body, especially on my legs but my skin is also sensitive and can react quite badly to many highly fragranced or heavy products.

Two of my ultimate go to products when my skin is in need of a pampering are from a fabulous brand called Biotherm.

I cannot get enough of their body butter and body milk, both of which are wonderfully gentle on my skin and possess a delicate and addictive, soft citrus scent that lingers on your skin for hours and is a pleasure to experience.

Its actually one of my most favourite scents and reminds me of sweet orange sherbert. Yum!

When my skin is doing pretty well and just needs a gentle pick up I go for their body milk, which is a beautifully light yet super hydrating moisturiser that helps to soothe dry, flaky skin, restore hydration and protect against dryness.

It is non greasy and is absorbed into your skin really quickly leaving it feeling soft and supple.
When my skin is in a bad way and I’m in need of something a bit more heavy I opt for their body butter.

This super thick cream, rich in almond oil and shea butter is just what you need to help repair very dry skin.

Despite its thick texture, much like the milk it sinks into your skin leaving no trace, oiliness or stickiness.

Skin is left feeling immediately softer, hydrated and beautifully moisturised and just like the milk, you’re left with the gorgeously fresh and soft citrus fragrance.

They say never judge a product by its packaging and in the case of this duo that is absolutely the case!

Sure the white pot and bottle is visually pretty uninspiring, but boy is the product within something special.

The only place you can get your hands on these amazing moisturisers are World Duty Free stores within Airports around the UK, so when you’re next jetting off somewhere sunny make sure you stock up!

 Biotherm’s Body Butter costs £20.70 for 200ml and their Body Milk costs £18.80 for 200ml and both are available now exclusively from World Duty Free.

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