Thursday, 25 February 2016

Resultime Multi-Corrective CC Cream

Now that I’m in my thirties (eek!) I’m becoming more and more concerned with my skins ageing and therefore am trying my best to look after it as well as I can to prevent and delay any further premature ageing.

I find myself looking for not just skincare products that can help me with these concerns but with cosmetics too, I mean, every little helps right!

 I was recently introduced to a brand called Resultime, a results-driven, sophisticated skincare brand, offering a complete salon treatment range and homecare line that specialises in anti-ageing.

After hearing that a certain Ms Michelle Keegan was a fan of the brand, and in particular one of their products I kind of figured hell, if it’s good enough for her then I need to try this for myself.

I was introduced to their Multi-Corrective CC Cream. Available in two shades, Natural (the one I tried) and Golden, this tinted anti-ageing cream is meant to help give you an amazing complexion.

 The multi tasking cream is said to help even skin tone, refine the skin’s texture, tighten pores, and protect against UVA & UVB. It is also meant to hydrate, nourish, fight pigmentation, combat wrinkles, reduce redness and cover imperfections while offering long lasting colour correction.

Blimey! That’s a heck of a list of benefits, but what is it really like?

Well, I was slightly concerned when I first applied it as despite opting for the lighter ‘natural’ shade, it was still quite orange and deep in tone. It also felt quite heavy and thick, not what I expected from a CC cream.

That said, once I had massaged it thoroughly into my skin my worries quickly disappeared, as did the orangey tone thankfully.

Despite its outwardly thick appearance and texture, it was deceptively light when massaged into my face and all but disappeared, blending in perfectly and leaving my face feeling fresh and light, not at all heavy or clogged.

In fact, It didn’t feel like I was wearing anything on my skin at all which I LOVED.

The cream itself has a very delicate scent which I would liken to that of a gentle suncream, which I really liked as it is fresh and reminds me of sunnier days!

I would say that it does leave you with quite a sheer coverage, which for me is perfect but if you are after a little more then that’s no problem as you can build it to create your desired look.

I actually found that I didn’t need my usual powder to combat my oily T-Zone until much later in the day when wearing the cream and my skin certainly looked far fresher, more awake and radiant than it had prior to application!

I think I’d need to use this daily, long term to see any huge benefits in terms of its ability to help combat wrinkles etc, but otherwise I’m really impressed.

The bags and discolouration around my eyes was much improved and despite only having several hours sleep due to a nasty sinus infection, I actually looked pretty fresh and healthy which is no mean feat!

Now, this is not the cheapest CC cream on the market at £35.50 a tube, HOWEVER if you suffer with multiple skin concerns and want to invest in a product that will not just help to conceal these issues but to improve them too, then I urge you to give this cream a try.

The Resultime Multi-Corrective CC Cream is available now from their website.

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