Friday 12 February 2016

L’Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay Range

My hair type is pretty much exactly the same as my skin. Combination. That means my roots get oily really quickly while the ends of my hair are left feeling dry and lacking moisture.

Choosing a shampoo and conditioner is always a bit of a ball ache as to date, most types treat one issue or the other- either they are for hair prone to greasiness or they are for dry, damaged hair.

Neither have been a great option for me but what can you do?

 So, imagine my complete and utter joy when I heard about the new Extraordinary Clay range from L’Oreal Paris Elvive.

This gorgeous new range has been designed specifically for the 26% of people who like me suffer with oily roots but dry, frazzled ends. But how can a shampoo and conditioner range target both issues I head you cry.

Well to start with they are re-defining the way you wash your hair by introducing what they call ‘an integral pre-shampoo phase.’
This phase involves using their new Clay To Mask Pre-Shampoo (£5.99) which you apply to your roots and scalp for 5-10 minutes, in which time it absorbs sebum and impurities leaving your hair light, soft and ready for washing.


It may seem like an odd idea but if you understand how clays work, if you do suffer with oily roots then it actually makes a lot of sense and this range contains 3 different types of refined clays.

Clays have been used in beauty rituals for thousands of years due to their unrivalled ability to cleanse, purify and energise. In terms of hair care, Clays combat the excessive oil production at the roots but also any dehydration throughout the lengths and ends. 

Basically they’re bit of a beauty miracle maker!

The first clay this innovative range contains is Kaolinite (white clay) which is really light and smooth and boasts fab oil absorbing properties. It also features Montmorillonite (blue clay) which is a version of the mineral containing a smooth, water-absorbing texture and Argilane (green clay) which is made up of soft, slippery, microscopic balls that hold remarkable cleansing and water-absorbing powers.

So, this sounds great in theory but what about in practice?

Firstly the whole range smells gorgeous- really fresh and light and not at all synthetic or overpowering. 

Once you get used to using the clay mask prior to shampooing it actually becomes a rather enjoyable, spa-like experience that I actually found helped to prep my hair really nicely for a decent shampoo.

The re-balancing shampoo (£2.99) itself is quite thick and creamy but lathers nicely and rinses off leaving my hair feeling fresh and clean. The re-balancing conditioner (£2.99) is lighter than I expected but is nourishing enough to leave the dry ends of my hair feeling softer and I had no trouble getting my tangle teezer through the lengths after.

Once blow dried by hair felt really light without a hint of heaviness which I was impressed by, but what impressed me more was how long my hair was left looking fresh for.

They claim the products can deliver 72 hours of oil free roots and do you know what, they weren’t wrong! Normally after 48 hours my hair would definitely be looking worse for wear but 3 days later it was looking remarkably good and thanks to their Clay-To-Spray dry shampoo (£3.99) I actually managed 4 days without having to wash my hair again!

Normally this would be totally unheard of for me and to say I am impressed is a MASSIVE understatement!

Thank you L’Oreal for answering my haircare prayers and delivering a fabulous range that actually works.

The L’Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay range is available nationwide now.


  1. Just used this for the first time tonight, hoping I love it as much as you! Greasy hair is the bane of my life!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  2. I was really intrigued by the range when I first saw it. I'm currently SLS free to try and protect my red hair so I don't think I can use the shampoo (although I haven't actually checked yet) but I definitely wanted to try the pre-shampoo mask so bought it. I've tried it once so far and although I found it difficult to use I think it might have worked well. I want to try the dry shampoo as well although I'm really not a fan of them in general x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

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