Thursday, 30 October 2014

Perfumed Jewelry Review & Competition

Two things you will always find on my Christmas list are perfume and jewellery.  Always.

There’s nothing better on Christmas day than unwrapping a spangly new bottle of your favourite fragrance, or un-boxing some beautiful sparkly jewellery.

Am I right?

Well, how about this for a gift then, Perfume and Jewellery in one!

Perfumed Jewelry brings together a woman’s two favourites things, perfume and jewellery in one stunning filigree pendant.

I was BEYOND excited to try this out and practically snatched the package out of my poor postmans hands when it arrived!

I eagerly ripped at the packaging to reveal a chic white box with black ribbon.

I opened the box and was met by this gorgeous sight!

A beautiful pendant, a pretty little jar and a posh looking little pouch.

My Pendant was here!

Now before I go any further, this is how it works:

 You can chose from three different types of pendants, Silver, Gold or Rose Gold, each of which are available in six different designs;  Eternity, Passion, Tranquillity, Harmony, Enchanted and Prosperity. 

I love Rose Gold and opted for their really pretty teardrop pendant, Tranquillity.

The necklace is 10ct rose gold over 925 sterling silver, on a 30 inch chain.

As with every pendant, it comes with a 3 month supply of your chosen perfumed jewelstone, mine being Thierry Mugler’s Angel. 

This is what was hiding in the cute little pouch.

You can actually choose from 250 top name, branded fragrances when purchasing your pendant, and 50 essential oils, so you’re not short on choice that’s for sure!

 Each Jewelstone provides you with 28 days of beautiful fragrance and it is recommended that to prolong the length of the jewel, that you keep it safely stored in the pretty little jar which comes with your necklace.

I absolutely love my pendant. The design is so intricate and delicate and I love its super long chain. 

I’d definitely wear it even without the fragranced jewel inside, but it really works beautifully with it.
To put the perfumed jewelstone inside, remove the chain, unclasp the pendant and just pop it in.

 When you run out of your jewelstones you can purchase refills too and perhaps try a different fragrance next time.

I reckon this is a pretty perfect gift to be honest.

The Rose Gold and Gold pendants cost £170 while the silver ones cost £98.

If you (or your loved one) are feeling particularly generous, there are Limited Edition solid Rose Gold or Gold pendants available, but these will send you back a far more expensive £990.

Like what you see? You can check all of the range out from the Perfumed Jewelry store online now and if you're feeling lucky, why not enter my competition to win one in time for Christmas!

_ _ _

Thanks to the generous guys at Perfumed Jewelry, you could win your very own Perfumed Pendant!

You can choose any style from their £170 Gold, Rose Gold or Silver range, along with whichever fragrance you like!

To enter, simply fill in your details below.


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