Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Pearl Drops Pure White Whitening Treatment

I’d love to have celeb-perfect, straight, pearly white teeth. Wouldn’t we all.

In reality my teeth aren’t THAT bad. I used to wear a brace to they are relatively straight, I only have a few fillings and they aren’t hideously stained or yellow, but they aren’t quite as white or bright looking as I’d like.

I’ve only tried a few teeth whitening products, mainly because I’m terrified of looking like Ross from Friends when he gets his done but also because most of them don’t work, are a waste of money and because some of the products really hurt!

One, which I shant name, burned the hell out of my gums and my teeth were sensitive for weeks after. Not good.

I came across Pearl Drops Pure White Whitening Treatment when I read an article about it in a paper. It sounded good I thought, so I gave it a go.

In your kit you get a Brush on Brightening Serum, Brush on Activator Serum a Pure White tooth polish and a brush.

What I loved about this kit is how easy and more importantly, quick and faff free it is to use.

Brush your teeth then shake the brightening serum for several seconds and brush onto the front and top of your teeth, avoiding your tongue and lips. 

Leave for 30 seconds before shaking the Activator serum and applying onto your teeth. Again, wait 30 seconds but this time rinse with water and avoid eating or drinking for 20 minutes to allow the serums to work their magic!

After 20 mins brush your teeth with a pea sized amount of the tooth polish and you’re done! It’s as easy and simple as that.

The verdict: I’m pretty impressed actually. I loved how quick and easy it was to use and at no point did I experience any burning pain on my gums or sensitive teeth, but the best part was the fact that it actually worked.

I could notice a difference after only 3 days and by day 10 my teeth looked much whiter, far whiter than I would have expected them to to be honest.

I’m really chuffed with the results and so pleased to have finally found a teeth whitening kit that works, is a reasonable price, is easy to use and doesn’t leave you with loads of undesirable side effects!

Pearl Drops Pure White Whitening Treatment is available now from Boots for £24.99.


  1. This sounds great for a pretty good price too! xx


  2. Having a beautiful smile and clean white teeth is a good confidence builder.

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