Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Cheryl Storm Flower

Not since Lady Gaga released Fame have I been so excited about a celebrity fragrance launch.

The UK’s favourite Geordie has finally launched her hotly anticipated debut fragrance, Storm Flower.

This unique scent was created to capture the many facets of Cheryl’s personality and she was clearly keen to be very involved in the process.

“For my debut fragrance I wanted to achieve two goals: to create something that both looks beautiful and smells gorgeous. The development has been really intense but inspirational and I have absolutely loved being so involved in the creative process.” 

The result is simply stunning. In fact, my immediate thought when I first smelt Storm Flower was ‘I bet this is what Cheryl smells like.’ Seriously, it smells just like I’d imagine her to smell!


The fragrance is very distinctive and worlds away from the more saccharine- sweet  fragrances that are so often released by female celebs, designed to appeal to the masses. 

Notes of mandarin, nectarine, freesia and peach offer a sophisticated and delicate sweetness which is both enticing and feminine.

Vanilla, white musk and sandalwood blend perfectly together to offer a warm and ‘grown-up’ element to the fragrance.

The bottle is as unique and beautiful as the fragrance, with its soft rose gold curves and romantic flower cap.  Gorgeous yet understated. Much like Cheryl!

I’m seriously impressed with Storm Flower. I love its addictive uniqueness and urge you to try it for yourself. Like me, you might just love it.

Cheryl’s Storm Flower is available now and costs £29.95 for 50ml.


  1. I am dyingggg to try this, bet it smells amazing and it looks so pretty too xxx

    Blonde of carbs

  2. Love this bottle it looks so pretty! I'll need to go to a store so I can have a smell of it, sounds lovely! X

  3. I'll definitely have to give this a sniff!


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