Sunday, 28 September 2014

The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Eye Concentrate

Drops Of Youth Eye Concentrate is the fab new anti ageing eye product from The Body Shop.

This latest eye innovation follows the launch of the best selling, award winning Drops of Youth Concentrate and claims to smooth the appearance of bags, lines and fatigue.

The eye concentrate is enriched with the stem cells of a rare flower called Edelweiss, which offers potent renewal properties to support your skins renewal for smoother, younger looking skin.

Well, I couldn’t think of a better person to test it on than myself, given that with a nearly 9 month old I am pretty much always sporting monster eye bags, lines and am constantly fatigued!

The Product itself is encased within a roller ball applicator, popular with many eye products.

To dispense the product you need to press the roller ball pump down, but you may need to do this quite firmly. 

The concentrate then covers the ball, at which point you can apply it to your eye area, ideally in a figure of 8 motion, before gently patting over it to ensure it is absorbed into your skin.

I liked the cooling, relaxing feeling of the roller ball over my skin and the fact that I wasn’t overwhelmed with too much product being dispensed.

The concentrate was light, silky and absorbed quickly into my skin.

I used this day and night for a week and after 7 days I’d definitely say that I could see a reduction in the darkness of my eye bags and my eye area did look less tired.

I didn’t notice any difference with my lines, sadly, but I was pleasantly surprised to see any difference to be honest as the majority of eye products I’ve tried seem to do very little other than nourish the area.

The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Eye Concentrate is available now and costs £18.


  1. This looks fantastic! i have used the facial one and it was amazing looking forward to trying this

  2. I love under eye rollers they are fab and this looks great xx

    Blonde of Carbs


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