Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Diet Chef: Week 2 Review

This week I've lost half a pound and I'm a bit down about it.

Apart from one evening last week when I was taken out for dinner, I've stuck to my diet chef diet religiously.

I'm not sure why I've only lost half a pound, especially after my fab 2lb loss last week, but I'm hoping it's just a blip.

Still, half a pound loss is better than half a pound gain, so I'm going I try and stay positive and plough on.

I'm out walking every day with Franky in his pram and while I know it's not high intensity cardio, every little helps, right?

This week I've really taken to the peanut flavour protein bars. 

A bit like the soft Chocolate cookie, they don't taste like diet food.

Covered in a thin layer of chocolate, they are soft like nougat and have little crunchie soya pieces in them. These are within the "lunch" section of the diet chef menu but I rather like these for breakfast!

My favourite dinner of the week is the mushroom stroganoff. It's only 165 calories so I supplement it with 100cals of brown rice and a generous portion of veg!


It's creamy and rich tasting as well as being very tasty, and I'm never hungry after eating all this!

So my plan for this week is to try and get moving even more, when I can and carry on enjoying the food, and hopefully I'll have dropped some more lbs by next week!

Onwards and upwards!


  1. I think it looks really yummy, I guess maybe it's slow and steady xxx

  2. The amount of sugar and additives in their products are probably holding you back slightly- the protein bar has 31 grams of sugar alone.


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