Thursday, 19 September 2013

Clinique’s New Superprimer Face Primers

The newest primers on the block come from Clinique in the form of 6 gorgeous shades which address a wide range of different skin issues and concerns.

These lightweight, oil-free primers have been designed to create an ideal makeup canvas and thanks to their different formulations, means that you can choose the perfect primer for you!

  Available in the range are;

Universal Face Primer

Colour Corrects: Dullness

Colour Corrects: Redness

Colour Corrects: Sallowness

Colour Corrects: Discolorations

Colour Corrects: Dullness in Deeper Skins

I tried out their universal primer, the one for redness and the other for discolorations. 

The Colour Correct primer for redness has a yellow tone to it to help counteract the redness in your skin, was relatively thick but glided onto my skin like silk and vanished quickly, leaving my skin feeling satiny smooth.

The primer for discolorations was almost identical in texture and sported a peachy tone.

The Universal Primer however was an entirely different texture altogether. It was far thinner in texture and more liquidy, which took a while to rub into my skin and absorb and didn’t leave the silky, satiny feel that I would usually associate with a primer.

That said, I actually rather liked it and found it hugged my skin better and allowed my foundation to be applied more evenly that some of the thicker primers I’ve tried in the past.

I can’t comment that much on how the redness corrector and discolouration corrector primer work in terms of reducing redness and blurring imperfection scars etc as I don’t tend to suffer with either of those skin complaints.

I can judge the primer though, based on its ability to keep my make up on my face, to even out my skin tone and to leave my face feeling pampered, and both succeeded in doing this.

Clinique’s Superprimer Face Primers are available now and each cost £20 for a 30ml tube.


  1. Can’t wait to try these out!

  2. I saw a poster for these instore today but didn't get chance to have a proper look1


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