Thursday, 15 August 2013

Savlon, My Saviour!

Every now and then it has been known for my skin to flare up and break out for no discernable reason and I’m left feeling self conscious and frustrated.

I work really hard to look after my skin so when it betrays me despite my hard work, it’s a pain in the arse.

My skin is doing just that to me at the moment, though right now I’m pretty sure it’s due to my pregnancy hormones sending my body haywire and completely messing with my inner mojo.

Ordinarily, I would turn to my normal go-to spot fighting product, Vichy’s Normaderm Hyaluspot which is gentle yet effective on my sensitive skin. It now appears, however, that during pregnancy, my skin just doesn’t like that product any more and instead of resolving the issue, it appears to have exasperated it. 

Instead of gently shrinking the blighter I’m left with a sore, flaky patch of skin and a spot that’s still right there, mocking me.

In desperate and tears one day I called my mum to moan about my horrible skin and was told in no uncertain terms to use Savlon.

Yep, Savlon. That cheap, medicine cupboard staple that you have used forever on cuts, grazes, stings etc etc. 

But won’t it clog my skin and make it even greasier? I asked, thinking of the time I decided to jump on the Sudocrem bandwagon and ended up with greasier skin AND blackheads.

I was assured by mum that she uses it all the time and it really helps.

For those of you have never used it before, Savlon is an antiseptic cream that gently soothes the skin to help fight infection and aid healing of minor skin disorders.

After checking that Savlon is safe to use in pregnancy (It is) I decided I had nothing to lose so slapped the stuff on twice a day and left a generous splodge across the problem areas (namely my chin) over night.

I am pleased to say that the following day both the redness and spot size had somewhat decreased. I repeated this for several days and my spots had all but gone, the flaky, sore skin was all but gone and I hadn’t developed any more of the sods!

I know they say ‘Mum knows best’ but boy was my mum right with this one! I LOVE the stuff and am a huge convert! Who knew something so every day and gentle could have such a dramatic effect on my skin!

Thank you Savlon!


  1. I love Germolene which I feel is the same type of thing(?) for the same reason! I always have a tube on the go! <3

    1. Hi... I have been suffering with acne too and I have tried almost everything. I would just like to know if Germolene really does help? Please could you reply to this on my email?
      Thank you so much

    2. Germolene is ok but saline smells less

  2. Oooohh! Totally giving Savlon a whirl! I have nothing to lose, my preggo skin is horrendous!!! Xx

  3. My skin has been terrible since pregnancy! Really sore, itchy and annoying spots that won't go away on my cheeks and chin. None of my friends had trouble with their skin so it's nice to know I'm not the only one, I will give this a go! x

  4. Can u put savalon all over sensitive face

  5. How much of a difference does it make over just one night because I need it almost gone by tomorrow morning

  6. I just started savlon.. today .. actually i started having acne kind of pimples and it went from.bad to worse.. both sides of the cheeks.. i look horrible .. in school we have our handiman uncle .. he advised me to use savlon... and i feel good putting it on face right now . It does to irritate my skin.. keeping fingers crossed for immense change ....

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