Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Benefit Rockateur Blush

When it comes to Benefit’s blusher boxes, they can generally do no wrong in my eyes.

Cute, versatile and in a range of shades that suit any skin tone, they are the staple in my make up cabinet.

This August 22nd see the newest Benefit blush launch and that blush is the cutely named Rockateur.

This pretty, rose gold, shimmery blush is unquestionably, gorgeous to look at.

The embossing on the powder is extremely cute- It’s one of those where you almost don’t wasn’t to use it for fear of ruining its prettiness!

But it’s there to be used so that’s what I did!

When swatched the colour wasn’t quite as I expected, I found it to be more of a pale peachy shade than a true pink, but pretty none the less.

Rockateur Swatched

If I’m honest, I really didn’t love the shimmer of this blush, but then you all know my feelings on shimmery face products, mainly that they are a big no no for an oily skinned girl like me whose skin produces enough ‘shimmer’ by itself, so that was a bit of turn off for me.

Rockateur Swatched
Now, you may notice there appears to be somewhat less of this blush than in the other traditional boxes. That would be because there is.

Rockateur is only 5g as opposed to the regular 7 or 8, which I found a little disappointing as at £18.50 you are paying a lot of money for what is essentially a small amount of product.

That said, if you are the kind of girl who loves a bit of shimmer and enjoys the feeling of pure softness when applying her blusher, then Rockateur is for you.

Benefit’s Rockateur is available from August 22nd. Check it out HERE.


  1. It is a shame they've down-sized on the product but I do prefer the more peachy shade when it is swatched!

    Rachel from whatabeauty.co.uk x

  2. Ah I'd love to try one as I've heard great things about them!
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