Monday, 19 March 2012

Avon Pro Enamel Nail Polish

Like many of us I spent yesterday with my mum celebrating Mother's Day. 

We had a lovely day and finished it off with a cup of tea and some amazing homemade cupcakes!

Pastel's are really on trend this summer and the blue, yellow, pink and green sprinkles adorning the top of the luscious butter-cream inspired me

I headed home to give myself a manicure and decided to take my inspiration from the sprinkles on my mum's cupcake to create a stunning look with a little help from Avon.

Avon Pro Enamel's secured iconic status in 2011 with one bottle selling every 10 seconds  and this year they're back and better than ever
Containing real diamond dust, calcium and keratin the improved advanced acrylic formula is said to increase nail  strength by 80%.
To create my  pastel cupcake sprinkle look , I used three of  their new shades- lemon sugar, sea breeze and pastel pink.

While I loved the colours , i felt that the formula left a little to be desired.

The pastel pink was the most difficult to use in that it ended up requiring four coats before it was no longer streaky. 

Lemon sugar and sea breeze were slightly better, however they also required about three coats to get the coverage and colour desired.

I love the colours and the final result, i just wish it hadnt taken so long to get the right level of coverage.

That said, it's common for really pale,pastel colours to require more than one coat so perhaps I'm being overly critical, what do you think?

Avon Pro Enamel are available from May in 12 glossy shades including clear and cost £6.


  1. love the colours - perfect for summer

  2. Shame I was hoping these would be better than BarryM for coverage but similar coverage :(

  3. Gorgeous cupcake and gorgeous nails too! Shame about the coverage, any polish requiring more than 2 coats would annoy me xx

  4. Lovely colours!! :)

  5. Love the colours. I always use a white polish as a base coat when I use pastel colours. I find it really helps show the true colour without loads of coats. x


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