Tuesday, 8 July 2014

New Treacle Moon Yummy Bath & Shower Gels!

With a six month old baby, a relaxing bubble bath is no longer regular, daily occurance for me.

No, a bubble bath is now a luxury, something I treat myself to once (twice if I'm lucky) a week, so this time is very precious to me!

It's an invaluable 30 minutes I get all to myself, to relax, unwind and just go "aaaahhhh".


Given this, I like to make my bath time as relaxing and wonderful as possible, and this week I was able to do this thanks to three new scrummy bath and shower gels from Treacle Moon.

Warm Apple Pie, Dusted Cocoa Heaven and Sugared Almond are absolutely, mouth-wateringly yummy.


Warm apple pie smells EXACTLY like apple pie. You can smell the fresh apples, a hint of spicy cinnamon and warm, sweet pasty. It literally smells good enough to eat! ( but don't peeps!)


Dusted Cocoa Heaven smells like a delicious bar of chocolate but without the dreaded calories! A rich, warm chocolately smell, like bathing in a mug of hot chocolate!


Sugared Almond is a light, sweet fragrance. Think deliciously sticky marzipan or an almond croissant! Sweet and subtle and totally delectable!

The best part is each bath and shower gel only costs £2.99, so you can afford to spoil yourself with all three!

The Treacle Moon range is available exclusively from Tesco.


  1. Ooooh I clicked through to your post from @cherrysue's blog - because I loved the treacle moon shower gels I bought last summer, I got the the strawberry and lemon flavours, now I want these! They are usually 2 for €6 in Tesco in Ireland!
    I would totally buy these for Christmas presents they are that good :)

  2. These all sound so good. What a bargain they are too!


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