Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Clarins Instant Concealer

One of the inevitable and most obvious side effects of being a new mum, are eye bags.

Not just, ‘I’ve had a bad nights sleep’ or ‘I’m hungover’ eye bags. I’m talking down to your knees, shocking looking black bags.

I’ll be honest, they’re not a great look, but when you’re up all hours of the night with a baby, there’s not an awful lot you can do about them. 

They just go hand in hand with being a new mum.

But, just because they have chosen to take up residence on your face doesn’t mean the rest of the world needs to know too!

Thanks to Clarins, now you’d never be able to tell the difference between nights where I’ve had 8 hours sleep, or just 2.

Instant Concealer is my new best friend! 

This little tube of magic helps to correct all types of dark circles while restoring the skins natural tone. 

It’s texture is light, but unlike many other concealers designed for eyes, is thick enough to actually make a difference and offer decent coverage!

It blends into the skin easily and allows you to build up the coverage to ensure a perfect look every time.

I actually use this concealer on blemishes too thanks to its fab coverage, but unlike some thick concealers, it doesn’t leave my skin feeling clogged or heavy. 

You really wouldn’t know you were wearing it.

The Clarins Instant Concealer is available in three shades, costs £21 and in my opinion, is worth every one of those twenty one pounds!

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