Thursday, 13 January 2022

Too Faced Pillow Balm Lip Treatment

 Kiss goodbye to dry cracked lips forever with Too Faced’s new Pillow Balm Lip Treatments.

These cuter-than-cute, hydrating balms are infused with fruit oils and coconut water to replace and replenish lost moisture, soothing and smoothing chapped lips.


Available in five different shades and flavours, each tube of joy is packaged in matching soft, pastel shades and delicious scents, offering a fabulous multi sensorial experience.

Formulated with a cocktail of minerals sourced from falling stars (yeah I know, but seriously!), fruit oils, conditioning butters, hyaluronic acid and coconut water, these balms instantly plump and perfect, restoring your lips to their perfect pillowy glory.

Whether you’re after a natural looking balm or prefer a splash of sheer colour, there’s a balm for you.

Original: Sheer, slightly iridescent sheen. Fruity and transparent in colour.



Watermelon Kiss: A soft bubblegum pink with a deliciously sweet, fresh watermelon aroma.


Mango Kiss: A soft peachy coral with a tropical twist.


Cocoa Kiss: A warm, nudey orange with soft notes of chocolate.


Banana Kiss: A Soft, pastel yellow with a comforting mellow banana scent.

I wish I could explain adequately just how incredible each and every balm smells. Soft and sensual, natural and not at all overpowering, their scents are simply just delightful.

Each balm boasts a rich, creamy, decadent texture that is neither sticky or heavy and gloopy.


Silky and soft, lightweight yet rich, the balms glide across your lips with ease, instantly plumping and flooding your lips with much needed long-lasting moisture.

The balm’s features a wonderfully soft applicator nib which makes applying them a pleasure, plus their shape ensures precise and even distribution.

The shades visible through the tubes are actually far more sheer when applied, making them perfect for popping over the top of lipstick or even worn alone for a little colour lift.

Comfortable to wear and non sticky or claggy, they hug your lips, creating a subtle sheen while plumping and perfecting your lips for a fuller pout.

Beautiful, delicious and effective, these balms are up there on my lip-balm-o-meter radar for sure!

Too Faced’s Pillow Balm Lip Treatment’s are available now and cost £18 each.


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