Wednesday, 14 July 2021

The Fine Scottish Soap Company Au Lait Collection

 As far as I’m concerned, there is literally nothing better than sinking into a warm, comforting bath after a long hard day.

I can almost feel the stresses and strains of the day melt away as the soothing, warm water envelops my aching body and tired mind.

Traditionally I’ve always been a fan of highly scented, frothy bubble baths but from time to time I fancy something a little different.

Something softer, calmer, more soothing, and this is where The Scottish Fine Soaps company comes in.

They have the most exquisite range within their collection called ‘Au Lait’, which for those of you who don’t speak French simply means ‘milk’.


This understated yet decadent line up has been the company’s best-selling collection for over 20 years and its not at all difficult to see why.

Presented in cute, kitsch packaging which honours the key ingredient of organic milk, the beautiful line wraps your skin in a sensual softness and its delicate, sweet, soft scent envelops your senses in a cloud of comforting warmth.

I absolutely had to get my hands on their Au Lait Bathing Milk (£8.99).


Captured within an elegant, retro glass vessel which has been designed to resemble a milk bottle from yester year you’ll find the creamiest, most luxurious bathing milk.

Enriched with skin conditioning Vitamin E, sweet almond oil, soothing aloe vera and wonderfully softening shea butter, it has been expertly blended with the natural goodness of real, organic milk to bring a touch of luxury to your bath.


It has the most beautiful aroma, creamy, milky and yet deliciously light.

Poured under warm running water, it transforms your bath water into an indulgent, milky, nourishing bathing experience.

Better still, to my surprise this milk provides heaps of plentiful, soft, frothy bubbles!


Unlike many other bubble baths however, the Au Lait Bathing Milk doesn’t cause any irritation to my sensitive, eczema-prone skin.

It is ever-so nourishing, creating an invisible veil of moisture on your skin leaving you feeling clean and smelling incredible, while your body is left feeling wonderfully smooth and comfortable.


Another gorgeous product from this collection that I just had to try is their multi award winning Au Lait Milk Bath Powder (£14.99).

Marginally more expensive than the bath milk but still super affordable, this bathing powder is a real insta-worthy product!

Just check out the fabulous milk churn packaging!

Enriched with chamomile and featuring a cotton-fresh scent, it contains real milk powder to effortlessly condition and soothe your skin.


Finely milled and plentiful in quantity, simple pour a generous amount into warm running water and swirl to create a bath full of deliciously creamy, soft bubbles.

I adore the combination of the soothing scent paired with its skin conditioning qualities and delightful bubbles.


They really are the best bathing products to help you relax and unwind!

The Fine Scottish Soap company’s Au Lait collection is available online now.


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