Monday, 7 August 2017

WISH Candles & Diffusers

I’m a big fan of British business and home-grown talent and I love supporting fabulous new brands on the cusp of making it big.

WISH is one of those brands.

WISH uses the finest quality ingredients to create luxury fragranced candles and diffusers.

You all know how much I like a scented candle and who doesn’t love their home smelling incredible right!

WISH’s range of exquisite fragrances are hand blended in the English countryside and are all created by the founder of the company, a lovely lady called Yvonne, aka, superwoman.

Mum to three young children, WISH is the result of two years of hard work and boy has it been worth it because her products are incredible.

Each candle and diffuser scent is hand blended with the finest ingredients including their own mix of scented oil, resulting in a unique product which is 100% handmade in Lancashire.

The candles are fragranced with the maximum amount of scent that the wax will hold, so even when the candle is not lit the beautiful aroma is present. 

Even after the candles have been snuffed out your room will still be fragranced for hours to come which is pretty impressive!

 The diffusers are as equally impressive, boasting 6 months plus of beautiful fragrance (depending on the environment in which it’s kept).

I fell head over heels in love with my little WISH trio which included their Origanum & Sweet Almond candle (£38), a Ginger and Juniper & Sweet Vanilla travel candle (£13) and an Orange, Lime & Lemongrass Reed Diffuser (£45), but before I go into this can we just take a moment to appreciate their presentation and packaging.

Have you ever seen such a luxurious and decadently presented candle or diffuser before? I defy you to say yes!

Packaged beautifully within their signature boxes you’ll find your candle or diffuser nestled within black satin and a hand tied bow and broach adorning the chic black box.

As a gift you wouldn’t even need to swap it up as it’s already so fantastically presented!

The gold lids of the candles have been polished to perfection and may I draw attention to the colour of the reed diffusers? 

 Yep, they’re black. I’ve never seen black sticks like this before and I think it adds a touch of luxury and makes it all the more distinctive.

With presentation as exquisite as this you’re bound to expect a lot from the product within and let me tell you, they do not disappoint.

The candles smell INCREDIBLE. You can actually smell them through the box and indeed, without even needing to light them they fragrance a room!
The aroma they produce is powerful and yet not overpowering and you can really enjoy every note within the blend.
The same can be said for the diffuser. Notes of sweet orange, zesty lime and warm lemongrass explode from the diffuser and leave your home smelling beautiful.

Even my husband who usually moans about the house ‘smelling like a fragrance shop’ loved this fruity and fresh diffuser.

WISH is an example of how brilliant British Businesses can be and Yvonne has created a wonderful range of products to be proud of.

I’ve already got several items on my Christmas list and plan on purchasing more as gifts for friends and family too.

Oh and better still, she plans to expand the range to include bodycare and haircare as well as room sprays and perfumes so stay tuned!

WISH’s range of products are available now from their website.


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