Thursday, 16 July 2015

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil is one of those hero products that everyone really should try. 

One is sold every 10 seconds globally, which I’m sure you’ll agree is pretty darn impressive, but what’s so great about it?

Lets start at the beginning. There’s a chance you aren’t familiar with the brand and that’s because it is a Japanese company. In fact, its Japan’s number 1 direct skincare company.

The vision behind DHC is rooted in the beneficial properties of virgin olive oil which has been found to be one of nature's finest ingredients for helping to achieve and maintain healthy and younger-looking skin.

It’s for that reason that olive oil became the foundation for DHC's full range of skin-gentle products.
Oh and just in case you were wondering, DHC stands for for "Daigaku Honyaku Center," which was an educational translation company in Japan in 1972. The company’s owner then discovered all about the positive effects of olive oil on skin and overall physical health and started the DHC beauty enterprise in 1980.

That’s quite enough about the history of it all because I want to talk about their hero product, the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil.

This miracle oil completely dissolves all traces of dirt and cosmetics from your face, including waterproof mascara while nourishing your complexion with antioxidant rich (you guessed it) olive oil.

As with any cleansing oil it should be used on a dry face and with dry hands. Massage it onto your face before adding water to watch it emulsify into vitamin rich, milky fluid that leaves your skin feeling soft and nourished.

Now, I’ve tried quite a few cleansing oils and I’m a big fan of them, especially for those days when I can’t be faffed to remove my make up properly before cleansing (I know, I know its bad!).

 I can’t detect a fragrance with this oil, which I’m perfectly happy about and it’s deliciously rich and thick consistency makes massaging it into my face a pleasure. Its dense texture makes you feel like it’s doing a really great job of clinging onto the dirt and getting it out of your pores.

It really does a brilliant job of cleansing your skin and removing every single bit of make up and trust me, I checked. I swiped some cotton pads soaked in toner over my skin immediately after expecting to see just a bit of make up on the pad but I saw nothing.

Nothing at all. This oil got rid of it all and yet because it is such a gentle oil, it doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight or dry after.

I can totally see why it is so popular!

Get your DHC Deep Cleansing Oil now from the DHC UK website where it costs £21.50.

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