Monday, 18 May 2015

Radox Creamy Range

Looking to transform your body and mind?

 Look no further than the new Radox Creamy range, bursting with fresh fragrances to transform your mood.

You can always trust Radox to offer you a superior bathing and showering experience thanks to the fact that all of their products contain a blend of at least two active natural ingredients  specifically chosen to transform bodies and minds and they have been blending it this way for over 100 years .

The new Creamy range is no different and 4 fragrances and experiences to choose from, there will be at least one to suit you!

Feel Romantic boasts romantic scents of Orchid and Blueberry, leaving your skin feeling loved, which remind me of romantic times in my life, such as my engagement party!
This photo was taken of me and my now husband enjoying a dance during our engagement party! It was a fabulous evening celebrating our love for each other with all of our friends and family.

 Feel Calm leaves you feeling relaxed thanks to soothing chamomile and jojoba oil. It’s hard to find moments of calm in hectic everyday life but every now and then you get a beautiful summery day, lay down and feel the sun beating down on your skin and the soft, sweet smelling grass on your neck. You lay there and listen to the birds and just feel calm. That’s what I’m doing in this photo.

Feel Rejuvenated offers an energising experience with its blend of Orange Oil and Vitamin E. It’s a fresh fragrance which makes you feel ready for anything. This photo was taken in the Maldives, after experiencing a beautiful massage. In the little glasses are a herbal tea, refreshing and reviving it left me feeling rejuvenated and free of my worries and stresses.

 Feel Pampered keeps skin soft with its creamy blend of shea butter and ginger. Everyone loves to be pampered and there’s no better feeling than lounging around in a big soft dressing gown all day, heading from pool to sauna, massage to manicure at a Spa.

Bet you want to try these and have your own Romantic, Calm, Rejuvenated and Pampered experiences now eh!

The Radox Creamy range are available now and cost £2.15 each.

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