Monday, 30 March 2015

Kiko Lip Scrub Stick

Sometimes, a beauty product comes on the market that you never thought you'd want, need or use yet it turn out to become of your must have items.

This happened to me and Kiko’s new Lip Scrub (£5.90).

Designed to prep your lips for enhanced colour application, this exfoliation gently buffs away dry, chapped skin on your lips, revealing a softer, smoother pout.

Think of it a bit like a primer- with a great primer as a base, your make up lasts longer and stays looking fab. Well, the same can be said for priming your lips!

Packaged in a handy stick form and looking a lot like a regular lip balm, this exfoliator is infused with sugar and natural crystals which when applied to your lips in gentle, circular movements help remove any dry skin which could ruin your look.

Buff away until you've achieved your desired result (ie until all the dead, dry skin has gone) and remove any of the excess product with a tissue.

Slather your lips In a balm to moisturise them or apply your desired lippie and voila! Beautiful  healthy lips are yours!

You no longer need to muck about with messy products or resort to brushing your lips with a toothbrush (as I may have done!) to achieve soft lips, just give their handy lip scrub a go!

Kiko’s new Lip scrub is available now and costs £5.90 but is currently available on their website with 30% off for £4.10.

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