Monday, 7 April 2014

Thierry Mugler Angel Eau Sucree

Angel Eau Sucree is the new, scrummy, limited edition fragrance from Thierry Mugler.

This fragrance retains all of the unmistakeably addictive, sweet and edible notes of Angel the original, but with a slightly lighter and fruitier all round smell.

The best way to describe this fragrance would be to imagine a red berry pavlova.

Fresh, ripe red berries, sweet meringue and thick, luscious cream. 

Straight away you can smell fruity, red berries, but rather than being tarte or sharp, they are muted by sweet, caramel and vanilla meringue.

A swirl of creaminess combines the sweet and fruity together perfectly to create a beautiful, well rounded and delicious fragrance.

The fragrance is a stunning, fruity variation of Angel which would be perfect for people who have perhaps shied away from Angel due to its very sweet, chocolately, distinctive scent.

Angel Eau Sucree offers a lighter, less heady fragrance, perfect for spring and is practically edible!


The bottle is gorgeous too; The Iconic star has been transformed into a pearlescent baby blue shade, sparkling with gems reminiscent of sugar grains!
I’ve got a lot of love for Angel Eau Sucree and really hope it becomes a permanent fragrance in the Angel range. 

I literally have nothing bad to say about it at all!

 Angel Eau Sucree 50ml Non Refillable bottle costs £42 and will be available on May 1st.

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  1. Wow I love the packaging it looks gorgeous xxx


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