Friday, 7 June 2013

Oriflame Triple Core 3D lippie

I love a funky looking lippie and I’ve certainly found a super funkilicious lippie in Oriflame’s new  Triple Core 3D lippie.

Available from June 8th, the design of this lippie is meant to help create the illusion of fuller lips. 


The lippie has three layers within it to achieve the appearance of volumised lips.

The outer core features a dark, vibrant tone to define and maximise the shape and size of your lips.

The middle core consists of a silver highlighting shade to increase volume with a delicate shimmer and gloss finish.

Shade: Nude Peach

The inner core then focuses on the centre of lips, making them appear fuller using a contrasting shade. 

While I loved the idea in theory, and indeed the lippie looked great, I found it fell short a little in practice.

Shade: Nude Peach -Swatched

I found I ended up having to blend the lipstick when it was on my lips to hide the distinct layers which were apparent when applied, to makea more subtle look.

That said, the formula itself was really nice with a rich pigment and moisturising properties which left my lips soft.

Shade: Nude Peach- Blended

An interesting product which I don’t feel worked all that well for me, but to use as a regular lippie was rather nice.

The lipstick is available in Nude Peach (like mine), Coral Pink, Red Coral, Fuchsia Candy and Berry Pink available from Oriflame's website priced at £10.95.


  1. It actually has a nice color when blended properly. But I'm sure the lippie is pretty messed up now. Hope you could visit my blog and join my giveaway here.

  2. this looks like a great product! nice post!

  3. Lovely post hun! I am usually not a huge Oriflame fan and their lipsticks never work good on me so I'll probably give this a miss :)

    Andrea | RosyChicc

  4. Great idea but I didn't think it would work :) Love you blog, am a new follower!


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