Monday, 19 December 2011

Philosophise with Philosophy this Christmas

Picture this.

It’s a bitterly cold, winter night. Outside the window the sky is blacker than black and the sound of the biting wind whistles eerily through the house. 

Inside the bathroom your bare feet move quickly across the floor, jumping  each time they make contact with the freezing tiles.

 You turn the bath taps on and steam rises from the tub, as if an invisible witch were concocting some magical spell.

 You reach over and pick up the bottle of pure happiness and pour its golden contents into the warm, brewing waters below.

 You watch as the bubbles rise up, enticing you into their warm, frothy arms.

You slide in, surrounded by warm liquid happiness and deeply breathe in the comforting aroma before slipping off into a wonderful world full of warmth, relaxation, sweetness and bliss.

This is not just any bath. Oh no, this is a Philosophy bath

(and Philosophy is not just a really hard subject you know) 

Welcome to the wonderful world of Philosophy’s Christmas products! Beautifully encased within fabulous boxes and packages that look like they need not even be wrapped, are a huge range of wondrous, sumptuous and delectable goodies.

It is impossible to choose my favourite items, but I really must implore you to try these!

 Egg Nog shampoo, shower gel  & bubble bath- I know I always say this, but multi use products are such a god send- you can wash your hair with this, use it In the shower or run into a hot bath to create a Christmassy bath to float away in. And it really does smell like egg nog! Warm, vanilla-esq with just a hint of spices. 


(I strongly encourage you to resist the urge to eat it though)

Marshmallows for Toasting is another delicious scented bath, shower and hair treat. This sweet smelling product smells good enough to eat!

 To inject some real Christmas aromas into your house, try their Gingerbread Man & Gingerbread Girl  bath, shower and shampoo. 

Infused with the spicy scents of Christmas and with a warm scent of ginger, indulge in this yummy item. Try the Gingerbread Girl variant which contains a pretty sparkle within it too.

Available at Selfridges and Boots now, its not too late to treat someone, or yourself, to a yummy Christmas gift!


  1. I have some gingerbread man products from last year, they smell incredible! may have to try the marshmallow too this year :)

    Hayley x

  2. marshmallow for toasting sounds lovely!


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