Monday, 14 January 2019

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Passiflora

Passiflora is the latest addition to Guerlain’s exquisite Aqua Allegoria collection of fragrances which were created way back in 1999.

This sparkling new scent offers a hint of invigorating freshness to the everyday with its beautiful blend of passion fruit and ylang ylang.

Like its predecessors, Passiflora’s charm lies in reinventing naturally compatible accords with a joyful spontaneity, flower blending with fruit and fruit with skin in a delicious wave of fresh fragrance, tender shades and cheerful moods.

 As is the case with each of the 10 scents within the Aqua Allegoria collection, Bergamot is the key note that is present in all and gives the fragrance the intense freshness that Aqua Allegoria have become known for.

The bottle itself mirrors the rest of the collection with the exception of the colour of the nectar within; Passiflora offers a soft pinky-peach hue.

The soft curves of the bottle contrast with the beautiful gold honeycomb detailing around the top and a bee sits delicately engraved within the gold cap as a tribute to the famous Bee bottle.

The fragrance within is absolutely stunning!

Feel yourself being transported to a tropical lagoon with this refreshing and complex fruity-citrus scent.

Top notes of tangy passion fruit and zesty lemon are combined with splashes of bergamot to create an exhilarating and light opening experience.

Heart notes of juicy mandarin juice, grapefruit and aquatic note blend together offering a beautiful freshness before base notes of sensual and smooth ylang ylang and orange blossom round off the unique and captivating scent to perfection.

The combination of the various notes results in a fresh, fruity, fizzy fragrance that bursts with zest and its cool, refreshing tone is just to die for.

I’ve not come across such a light yet exhilarating fragrance before and I am completely and utterly under its divine spell.

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Passiflora is available now and costs £52.

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Kiehl's Buttermilk For Lips Overnight Lip Treatment

There’s no denying that as winter starts to take hold you may find that you need to adapt and up your skincare game.

Dealing with bitterly cold days and warm, drying central heating can take its toll on your skin, particularly your lips.

Dry, sore, chapped lips are the bane of my life in winter but I think I’ve finally found a hero product to perfect, protect and leave my lips feeling and looking healthy, soft and nourished 24/7.

This intensively hydrating lip mask helps to instantly rehydrate and refresh dry lips overnight.

Infused with fair trade coconut oil and wild mango butter this decadently rich balm deeply nourishes your lips, reinforcing your lips natural moisture barrier to visibly refresh and soften your lips overnight.

This thick, creamy balm possesses the most delicate yet decadent aroma of sweet cocoa butter and smells good enough to eat!

Created as an overnight mask you are to apply a generous layer at bedtime but it can also be used throughout the day as a regular balm.

Non greasy, non-sticky and not at all slippery it is a beautiful product.

It stays put on your lips precisely where you put it and its longevity is impressive, even throughout the day when you’re eating and drinking.

Unlike many other balms that can wear off fairly quickly, you can feel the Buttermilk for Lips imparting constant moisture for ages after applying it.

I realise that this shouldn’t be a consideration when purchasing a lip balm, but I should also point out that it tastes delicious too!

Now, at £22 a pot this is an expensive product BUT it really is a great investment piece for when your lips really need some serious TLC and nothing else is cutting it.

I’ve tried and owned a LOT of lip balms and I can hand on heart say that thus far, nothing even comes close to comparing to this treatment.

Decadent, delicious, rich and wonderful, Kiehl’s Buttermilk for lips overnight lip treatment is a must have beauty staple. 

Grab yours now from Kiehl’s.

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Too Faced Peach Blur

Some of us may not have been blessed with a perfect, glowing complexion but that’s ok because thanks to Too Faced you can now blur your way to beautiful. 

Meet the absolutely fabulous Peach Blur.

This instant smoothing finishing powder is from the deliciously sweet Peaches and Cream Comfort Matte Collection and has been infused with vitamin and antioxidant rich real peaches and sweet fig milk so it smells as good as it looks!

I never knew I needed scented cosmetics until I came across Too Faced and I’m now completely addicted, particularly to this soft and sweet smelling range.

The collection on a whole has been inspired by the perfect shade range of a freshly picked peach and Peach Blur is no exception.

Designed to be used as a finishing powder it contains advanced optical correcting spheres that help to smooth lines and blur imperfections. The pearlescent pigments within the powder act as little mirrors to refract the light, creating the blurring effect.

Impressive eh?

 Let’s first address how gorgeous the packaging is! Housed within a cute gold compact complete with a mirror, it features the image of a peach sat against a background of the prettiest peach shades.

The powder itself is presented SO beautifully, as like all Too Faced products that it looks too gorgeous to use. Almost too gorgeous anyway!

The product mirrors the image on the compact with a raised, powder peach bearing the Too Faced name.

I love the level of detail that goes into creating these products but then I always feel loathed to dive in and ruin it! That said, I did anyway!

The powder itself is wonderfully soft, super fine in texture and silky smooth.

You can apply it to your face with either your fingers or a sponge and should start at the center of your face and work down and out from your forehead.

Wow is this stuff a delight.

It has the most beautiful scent and instantly helps to brighten my complexion without making my skin look like a disco ball!

It is ever-so-slightly pearlescent but it is so delicate it’s barely noticeable; that said it is just enough to lift tired skin, offer a healthy radiant glow and its universal hue is suitable for all skin tones.

It is so light it doesn’t feel like you’ve applied anything yet somehow despite it being a powder, it leaves your skin feeling soft and nourished as opposed to dry which some powders can do.

There’s also the added benefit of having skin that then smells of delightful sweet peaches!

Too Faced Peach Blur is available now and costs £25.
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