Thursday, 13 September 2018

Elemis QVC 4 Piece Peptide4 Night-time Saviours Collection

If like me you’re a massive fan of all things Elemis then you’re going to love their latest QVC TSV offering.

Say hello to the ultimate anti-tiredness routine in the form of this fabulous Elemis 4 Piece Peptide4 Night-time Saviours Collection.

Prep your skin in the evening and wake up to radiant, healthy looking skin with this gorgeous 4 piece collection of products that have been inspired by your skin’s natural circadian rhythms (waves of activity which trigger cells to perform important processes at specific times of the day with repair and renewal boosted during the night).

These revitalising and rejuvenating products work hard while you sleep to nourish, protect and revive your skin, leaving it looking beautiful and well rested.

The Night-time Saviours collection comprises of their awesome Peptide4 Night Recover Cream-Oil, Pro Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream and two fab new products in the form of their Peptide4 1,000 Flowers Mask and Peptide4 Recovery Eye cream all of which are housed within a chic matching white, purple and silver cosmetics bag.

It’s a really comprehensive collection that allows you to thoroughly layer and pamper your skin throughout your night-time regime.

I’m already a HUGE fan of their Night Recovery Cream-Oil which I reviewed in full HERE. 

This hard working product features all the hydrating properties of a moisturising cream with the protection of an oil and possesses a gorgeous, relaxing scent.

I’ve also tried the Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream before too and this also gets a big thumbs up from me. 

This luxurious, rich night cream leaves your skin feeling plump, brighter and hydrated.

Like their multi award winning Marine cream, it has been developed with an ingredient called Padiana Pavonica, which actively mobilises Calcium to protect and support the cell structure of your skin, strengthening the epidermis for a more youthful, firmer appearance- and it does all this while you sleep, genius!

Thick, rich and decadent this cream is quickly absorbed leaving your skin feeling wonderfully soft and nourished.

It is the first time I’ve got my hands on the new Peptide4 Recovery Eye Cream and it did not disappoint.

Created to help combat tired-looking eyes by improving the appearance of fine lines, this little lovely is also enriched with the wonderfully relaxing and gently aromatic scent found in the cream-oil.

Rich and comforting yet lightweight, it is everything you could ask from an eye cream. Nourishing, hydrating and plumping it really helps to soothe tired eyes at the end of the day and revive them overnight.

The last hero product in this set is the new Peptide4 1,000 Flowers Mask.

Suitable for all skin types and designed to be used once a week, this soothing, velvety mousse mask helps to revive and refresh dull, tired looking skin in just 15 minutes.

Enriched with Nordic peat, Willow Complex and Brazilian black clay this cooling mask is a real treat to use. 

Apply to freshly cleansed skin (avoiding the eye area) and leave it for 15 minutes to work its magic.

Remove with warm water and a dark coloured cloth (unless you fancy your white cloths looking like they’ve been dragged through the garden on account of its dark, myserious shade!) and enjoy fresh, rejuvenated skin.

I’m really impressed by this collection which quite frankly is just perfect for the forthcoming autumnal months when your skin can need some extra TLC, but I’m even more impressed by the price.

You can get your hands on this brilliant collection for just £54. Yeah, that’s not a typo.

If you bought these products individually it would cost you £167 meaning you’ll be saving a whopping £113!

I think it’s fairly obvious that these aren’t going to hang around for long so make sure you hot foot it over to the QVC website now where you can pre-order yours; Simply click HERE.

Otherwise, save the date and tune in to QVC on Sunday 16th September where it’ll be live at midnight, 11am, 1pm and 6pm on Sky channel 660, Virgin 740 or Freeview 16.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

YSL Dessin Des Sourcils Eyebrow Pencil

YSL Dessin Des Sourcils is without a doubt, the best eyebrow pencil that I have EVER used- and I’ve used a lot.

I have two major issues with most eyebrow pencils.

Firstly, I find it almost impossible to find the correct shade for my dark brown brows. The pencils are either too light with that horrid orangey under-tint or literally jet black. It’s like there’s no in-between.

My hair is naturally very dark brown, but black it is not and black pencils are way too harsh, while the majority of dark brown pencils are still too light, or for some unknown reason, way too orangey.

Anyone else find this? Anyway…

Secondly, while I appreciate the benefits of a softer pencil when you’re for example, wanting to line your eyes, I detested a soft eyebrow pencil. This is on account of my oily-combination skin.

I have trouble with my make-up literally sliding off my face throughout the day thanks to my overly active skin glands. Add into the mix a soft, waxy pencil and I can nigh on guarantee that by 2pm my eyebrows will be glistening un-naturally and if I’m really unlucky, may have slipped down my face.

As I’m sure you’ll agree, neither is a great look.

It makes it hard to apply from the get go too- even if I powder my brows, a soft pencil just seems to melt into my skin instantly upon application which make precision application impossible and just leaves my brows looking a thick, sloppy mess.

I was soooo happy when I discovered this brilliant pencil from YSL.

It is the most perfect match to my natural brow shade- 05 ebony. Now I know it says ebony but as you can see from my swatches it really isn’t black. It’s the deepest, darkest brown but it is definitely not black.

In terms of softness it is really quite a hard texture- it doesn’t melt into my skin and it absolutely stays in place all day long with no slippage.

Its sharp, precise nip allows for perfect application and the spoolie on the opposite end helps to soften and blend your strokes into your own brow seamlessly.

At £21 it is not cheap, BUT it is worth every single penny to find a pencil that matches perfectly and stays put!

YSL’s Dessin Des Sourcils Eyebrow Pencil is available in 4 shades and costs £21.
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